Imagine a world where Children get inspired to reach their full potential

At AkadaPlay our goal is to ignite a love for learning by rewarding academic excellence. {Embolden Ignite a love for learning}

It is our collective responsibility to support every child in their learning journey.

About us

Company Overview:

AkadaPlay is a platform that simplifies access to precise primary and secondary school students’ data; saving time and costs in candidate identification and reward. This promotes fairness, and inclusivity, and maximizes corporate reward program impact.

AkadaPlay provides a one-stop solution to rewarding and incentivising academic excellence among primary and secondary school kids. 

We understand that the key to ensuring change and securing the future of every society is educating its children. Therefore, the AkadaPlay platform is designed for companies and individuals to join in igniting the spark for lifelong learning in our primary and secondary school kids.

Our Vision

To provide children in Nigeria & across Africa unbiased access to scholarship and rewards based on their academic performances thereby empowering their communities to live more healthy and sustainable lives.

Our Mission

To provide verifiable and trusted access to exceptional children in primary and secondary levels to Business brands with CSR Budgets or considerations for sponsorships.

Our Values

• Authenticity: We provide valid and veritable data. We stand for transparency and integrity.

• Knowledge: We empower users with valuable insights and information from diverse sources to make quality CSR decisions.

• Accessibility: We make data easily accessible to users, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity for all.

• Diversity: We embrace diversity within the team, recognizing that diverse teams are more innovative and effective.

• Adaptability: Adapting to changing user needs and technological advancements ensures the app remains relevant and effective in a dynamic environment




Brands' subscription to Akadapay gives them access to students' academic data from verified sources for sponsorship.



Track the activities of students or school beneficiaries and generate statistical reports.



Reward academic excellence, award scholarships and provide aid to select students or schools.



Let’s discuss your CSR goals and help you shape your innovative educational ideas.

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